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Deciding to get solar panels installed on your home or business in New Jersey was the easy part, but now it comes the part we all have to deal with deciding to get something, paying for it. Well, NJ Solar Today has you covered if you are deciding to go down the right path toward solar panels on your home or office in NJ. Sure you can cut a check if you are lucky enough to have that kind of cash lying around but most of who want to go green don’t. NJ Solar Today can offer solar leasing programs to those of us who can’t right a check to cover the cost. With the help of SunCap Financial NJ solar leasing programs are available to everyone who qualifies. A representative from NJ Solar Today will walk you through the NJ solar leasing programs that are available to you so you don’t have to left a finger except to sign the application. If this sounds like the logical next step to getting solar panels on your home or office then just head to the contact page and tell us you are interested in NJ Solar Leasing.

Once the simple credit application for the NJ solar leasing program is completed a sales representative will take you through the remaining steps until the final bolt is screwed down your roof. You can apply for the NJ solar leasing program whether you are a home or a business. So don’t hesitate to investigate the NJ solar panel leasing programs out and you’ll see NJ Solar Today is the way to go!

So what is next?
  1. Contact NJ Solar today and provide your yearly utility consumption
  2. Partnering with NJ Solar, SunCap Financial can qualify you for a lease program with little or no money out of your pocket. *
  3. Review the proposal sent to you by your sales representatives from NJ Solar.
  4. Approve the proposal!
  5. NJ Solar files all the necessary permits on your behalf
  6. Solar Panel Installation begins once the permits are approved!
*lease pending credit approval
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