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  Environmental Benefits

       PV solar power systems minimize the amount of waste production. For example, the entire process of converting coal to electricity produces a lot of dust, discarded solid waste, spillages of toxins and harmful emissions, as well as wasting energy, heat, land and water.
       Pollution from non renewable fuels is inevitable. Emissions such as Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Carbon Dioxide all can have a negative effect on farming, people’s health and water. Ecosystems are also at risk of being destroyed. Furthermore, pollutants from kerosene used for lighting purposes is reduced with the use of solar power systems, as well as the decrease in use of diesel generators for the production of electricity. PV Solar power systems produce electricity without giving off carbon dioxide. One PV Solar system can offset approximately six tons of CO2 emissions over a twenty year life span.
   For example you can claculate by entering your system size below so that you can know the amount of pollution reduced with the use of solar systems

How Solar Electricity System Helps the Earth                                  System Size is:    kilowatt-hours/year 
Lbs of Nitrogen Oxide, Better Known as SMOG! Lbs of SO2 Removed from the Atmosphere:,
Number of Automobiles Removed from the roads per year Lbs of CO2 removed from our Atmosphere
Trees Planted or Saved AKA Acid Rain  Removed from the Atmosphere:
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